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System status
Read-only backup
Alternate server
WebRezPro's backup server contains a snapshot of your property management system in read-only format. It is intended to provide you with critical information in the unlikely event that you are unable to access WebRezPro's primary servers. As a read-only system, you will not be able to edit information or process transactions.
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If you are having trouble signing in:

  • Ensure you are using up-to-date login credentials (case sensitive) and that you have entered your two-factor authentication code if requested.
  • Check 'System status' for scheduled or reported outages (also availalble at wrpstatus.com).
  • Turn off your VPN.
  • Ask your property's WebRezPro administrator if they have changed your access privileges or security profile.
  • Call 1-800-221-3429 (toll free in USA & CAN) or 403-777-9300 (direct) for assistance. Select option 1.